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Lemon detox juices – why is lemon juice good for you?

A lemon detox juice is the hero in all juice cleanses but why is lemon so good for juicing? Lemon is a true super food and one of mother nature’s most powerful natural elixirs. Each lemon contains a potent source of Vitamin C therefore ensuring lemons remain at the top of the list for immune and digestive support. 

Lemon has long been promoted as a natural means to help rid your body of toxins. There’s been famous lemon fasts, lemon water diets and tea detoxing but we think the best way to enhance your health with lemon is in a fresh juice. It’s why we use lemon in our most powerful cleansing juices and it tastes great ensuring we’re crafting great flavours. Here’s the top reasons we choose locally grown lemons to deliver maximum benefit in our detox juices:

1. Lemon is alkaline forming

That’s right, despite it’s often sour taste and the fact it is considered acidic before digestion, lemon is actually an alkaline forming food. Once metabolised,  lemon juice generates alkaline byproducts and that’s why many people start their day with lemon water. Our PURIFY cold pressed juice cleanse was developed as an alkaline juice cleanse so we love using lemon detox juices.

2. Lemon is a great source of anti-oxidants

Lemon, and lemon juice provides an abundant source of Vitamin C. On average, a lemon can contain over 50mg of Vitamin C, on it’s own, this is above the recommended daily intake advised by the National Health and Medical Research Council.  Of course, in a juiced form, the amount of Vitamin C delivered in a bottle of lemon juice will depend on the juice recipe and serving size. Vitamin C plays an important role in immune support and that’s why lemon is excellent for the cold and flu. Anti-oxidants can help your body fight free radicals which are linked to disease including cancer.

3. Lemon detox juice and weight loss

There are countless articles that link the consumption of lemon juice to weight loss. Generally, this refers to lemon’s ability to encourage and regulate bowel movements. We do not support this position as there is not enough research that directly links the consumption of lemon and lemon juice as a way to lose weight. We do however think lemons, and lemon juice can help encourage the intake of more healthy foods. Here’s how lemons, and our lemon detox juice can help with weight management;

  • Lemon is a great natural flavour enhancer so it’s use over foods you may not enjoy the taste of like salads can improve the taste leaving you wanting more.
  • Likewise, lemon can be used to flavour water more to your liking making it easier to drink more water. This is vital given adequate hydration an essential element of good health and water is a natural appetite suppressant. Drink more and crave less is easier to achieve with great tasting lemon water.

While there’s many other health benefits of lemon, these are our top 3 reasons for using lemon in our detox juice recipes. Both our Purify Juice Cleanse and our Low Fructose Juice Cleanse feature our Lemon Glow juice. We’re sure you’ll love the taste as much as your body will love the health benefits of this lemon juice.

A bonus benefit of lemon for juicing

As creators of premium quality cold pressed juice, the year round supply of the key ingredients in our juices is vital to ensure we’re crafting the most consistent product for thirsty customers! For this reason, another reason we love lemon is because it can be grown locally almost year round.

After reading this, we hope you know what to do the next time life gives you lemons!