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What is a low fructose juice cleanse?

What does it all mean!

Our low fructose juice cleanse was developed after overwhelming demand from experienced cleansers, as well as first-timers eager to detox and restore their systems, in a way that preserves their low sugar diets. Our extensive research started with one goal, that is to develop leading low fructose juices which retain our signature great taste, deliver optimal nutrient distribution and importantly, to significantly reduce the fructose in these flavours. While exploring the benefits of low sugar juices the first thing we got to the bottom of was all the jargon that food manufacturers and wellness practitioners push into the market. After a quick overview of our low fructose, reduced fruit juices and cleanse below, we’ve defined the commonly used terms in an easy to understand way at the bottom of this article.

Low fructose juices – juices with lower fruit content

Low fructose juices are those which feature a small, controlled quantity of fruit.  The Daily Habit Low Fructose Juice Cleanse program has been specifically designed to provide juices for detoxing that are crafted with a low fruit content.
Our low fructose 3 day juice cleanses features 5 specially formulated, nutritionally tested juice recipes. They are;

Ultra Lean Green

This is the green powerhouse juice. Crafted with high amounts of leafy green vegetables and a very small amount of lemon to flavour, this juice contains under 8 grams of sugar (all natural fructose) and is under 85 calories per serve.


Again this is a near fruit free juice and features only lemon. It is a deep cleanser featuring beetroot, carrot, celery, ginger and lemon.

Lemon Glow

This apple based juice and of the low fruit cleanse flavours, possesses the highest amount of natural fructose. This juice contains more than 50% fruit however this juice is a serious detoxing elixir. It is highly alkaline with strong lemon and ginger.

Energy Remedy

Energy remedy is a predominately carrot based juice that is low in fruit which features carrot, orange, lemon and turmeric. The juice is crafted with 70% carrot and turmeric.

LF Alkalize

LF Alkalize is a fruit reduced version of our most popular green juice, the original Alkalize. The apple content of this otherwise veggie juice is halved and represents under 35% of the total juice. There’s 4.8 grams of fruit sugar per 100 grams of this juice.
This overview is focused on the reduced fruit content of the Daily Habit Juice low fructose cleanse. It is important to note that this cleanse is low in fruit but very high in other vitamins and nutrients. In particular, vitamin K and Iron from the increased load of leafy greens and vitamin C. So the benefit of the Low Fructose Cleanse is they’re highly alkalising juices formed from locally grown fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, these juices deliver an abundant source of nutrients to your system in a short period of time.

Getting to the bottom of some commonly used food and sugar terms

Fruit and fructose:
Fruits we consume as part of an Australian diet are predominately carbohydrates that our bodies turn into sugar for fuel. Fructose is a type of simple sugar that is present in fruits. The most important thing we note about fructose is the various sources it can come from. Fructose derived from fresh fruits delivers additional nutritional benefits over manufactured sugars. While fructose absorbed from fresh fruits have many nutritional benefits and are recommended as part of a healthy diet, fructose from any source can cause some people digestive issues.  It is for this reason that we developed our low fructose juice cleanse to provide a suitable detox option for consumers with fructose-induced digestion issues.
No added sugar:
First of all, food marketers have been keen on this term since the 1990’s. As a claim on food labels, no added sugar means the manufacturer hasn’t added sugar  (including fruit juice). It does not mean the product is sugar free. In fact, many products tagged “no added sugar” can actually possess high sugar content (ie dried fruits). Similar to this is a newer term, ‘refined sugar free’. Currently, this term is not defined by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand (FSANZ) though it is used by smaller food producers. Refined sugar free means the product has not been produced using any manufactured sugar, like ‘table sugar’.
Low GI:
GI is short for Glycemic Index, a scale used to rank carbohydrates by their effect on blood glucose levels. Low GI carbohydrates are those which are more slowly digested and score below 55 of the Glycemic Index and consequently, foods with these scores produce energy levels which can be sustained throughout the day. This has a gradual impact on blood sugar, whereas high GI foods can cause energy ups and downs.
Many fruits, and most used in Daily Habit Juices are low GI. This includes apples, lemons, limes, strawberries and oranges, which all feature in our juice recipes. You can find a great list of low GI foods by food type from Harvard Health here.

Interested to try a low fructose juice cleanse?

Daily Habit low fructose juice cleanses are available for delivery twice a week. You can start your low fruit juice cleanse on a Tuesday (delivery Monday) or  Saturday (delivery Friday PM). As creators of the best tasting cold pressed juice in Queensland, rest assured our juices are full flavoured while being low GI and have reduced fructose compared to our purify cold pressed juice cleanse.