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The Reason We Do, What We Do.....

A common and quite open question, “What do you do?” resonates as the question that helped me to decide to make some incredible changes to my life (and of course the ripple effect to my amazing family).   I thought such an open-ended question was an excellent invitation to become involved in something I truly believed in – the power of cold-pressed juices! I had personally experienced many of the benefits of juice cleansing, so I decided to share my cleanse ideas and beliefs with anyone who was interested.

The next question put to me, “Why do you do it?”.   Despite my best efforts, I could not clearly articulate the reason for and importance of why we do, what we do, at Daily Habit Juice Co.

I kept coming back to that question of ‘why?’, and committed to seeking a clear, concise reason to explain why we do what we do. For weeks, the answer disguised itself amongst pages of notes I’d made about the benefits of Daily Habit until, during a moment of heightened clarity, our purpose and the most compelling reason that people choose to cleanse with us became apparent.

At Daily Habit Juice Co, we make healthy habits easy!

We make healthy habits easy

From the comprehensive Cleansing Knowledge centre on our website, through to the detailed information in our cleanse guides, and of course, our cold pressed juices, we make healthy habits easy. Our premium quality cold-pressed juices are available from your favourite local retailers, making it easy to incorporate the power of pressed juice into your daily routine. For those looking to detox, in just three easy clicks one of our guided juice cleanses can be delivered to your door, allowing you to detox and reboot from the comfort of your home or workplace.


We have redeveloped our website to make it easier to use. I hope the detailed information on the site allows you to find out everything you need to know about juice cleansing! If there’s any unanswered question, please ask, or if you have any feedback on the website, leave a reply, I’d love to know what you think.

Happy Health.