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Prepare to cleanse or prepare to fail! How to prepare for a juice cleanse is one of the most common questions we are asked. While cliche, the saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” is true of planning a cold pressed juice cleanse. Committing to a 1, 3, or 5 day juice cleanse program is one thing but to prepare your mind and body to ensure the best results is another thing altogether. Planning and preparing to detoxify is also a common area people overlook. Juice cleansing is a serious investment in your well-being, you’re making the financial commitment, make a mental one too!

How to prepare for a juice cleanse – before you cleanse

The most important thing to know is you should prepare yourself before the cleanse, and plan for how you will transition after the cleanse. We’ve curated these tips on how to prepare yourself for a juice cleanse before you start the detox.

1. Book your cleanse when you’re not socially booked!

Plan in advance and check your social calendar before booking your cleanse. In today’s fast-paced environment, there’s always going to be something but when choosing a start date for your cleanse, try to avoid dates where you have night time or dinner gatherings, long lunches or any situation that will see you surrounded by people eating and drinking.

2. Confirm your cleanse prior to desired start date.

We’ve all been there with THAT feeling on a Sunday night. A big weekend with lot’s of food, too many drinks and not enough rest, and while it might seem like a great idea to book a cold pressed juice cleanse for the following day, it’s really not! Our juice cleanses are low calorie and are pure pressed juice from locally sourced vegetables and fruits. There’s nothing added, no preservatives, no treatment of our juice, it is 100% raw. Going from a big weekend of coffee, alcohol and processed foods to a raw liquid diet of whole food vegetables and fruits will be difficult for your system. Select a start date that allows you to transition into a cleansing state beforehand. Go green with your meals attempting to reduce your intake of animal proteins and all processed foods in the days before you start. You should also cease drinking coffee and alcohol in the lead up to your cleanse.
If you’re ready to cleanse, you can choose your start date here.

How to prepare for a juice cleanse – after you finish

This is definitely the most overlooked planning step for juice cleansing. You’ve finished your juice cleanse which is a great effort, so don’t let yourself down after the finish line! Follow these tips on how to prepare for a juice cleanse and you will set yourself up for a seamless transition from your cleansing state back to your new normal.

1. Create your shopping list before you start cleansing

One of the most common benefits people experience with our 3 or 5 day juice cleanse programs is the resetting of food habits. A detox diet made up of raw cold pressed juices takes discipline and shows great commitment to bringing about a healthy change. You will feel proud of completing the juice cleanse and you will want to continue the good habits, and eat well after your cleanse. It’s important that you don’t wake up the day after your cleanse with nothing clean in the kitchen! Plan your grocery list before you start, and look for green, wholefood recipes to enjoy after your cleanse. Some recommendations for your pre-cleanse shopping list;
  • Herbal tea – make sure you have a supply of your favourite herbal tea. If you’re looking for something new, try a roobois or a turmeric and ginger tea (available at most tea stores).
  • Lemon – a suggestion from many past cleansers. If you’re finding any of the flavours strong for your palette, pour the juice into a glass (can be with ice) and squeeze in some additional fresh lemon. It’s alkalising and will enhance the flavour.
  • Greens for your last dinner before the cleanse – if you’re up for it, we love going into a cleanse consuming little to no animal protein and no processed foods on the day before your cleanse. We highly recommend this great vegetarian mushroom curry recipe from Jamie.

2. Keep notes of how you felt during and after your juice cleanse

This is a great little health hack that one of our past cleansers shared with us and it’s so simple! This doesn’t need to be War and Peace nor does it need to be formal, you don’t even need a diary. Writing down your how you felt, both during and in the days immediately after your cleanse ensures you have a reference point to look back on.
Notes detailing how you felt while cleansing and in the days after are great for a health check-in. It’s good practice to refer back and recall how you felt immediately after the cleanse when you started eating again. Our cleansers feel the full benefits of cleansing 2-3 days after, when returning to ‘normal’ food intake. Recalling the journey and the improvements to your mind and body serves as great motivation to keep aligning and re-aligning with your health goals.
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