Cleansing 101

Juice cleansing, in particular, doing a cold pressed juice cleanse is a powerful way to help boost your body’s natural detoxification mechanisms which endure stresses resulting from our busy lifestyles, our increased exposure to toxins in our environment, food, beauty and household products.

Cold pressed juice cleanses are low calorie yet provide rapid nourishment by delivering an abundant supply of living enzymes and nutrients which in liquid form, can be quickly assimilated into your systems while providing relief for your digestive system.

Juice cleansing provides health benefits to both the body and mind. The most common reason why people juice cleanse is to experience an enhanced state of detoxification while allowing the digestive system to rest, heal and recover.

Doing a pressed juice cleanse is also a very successful way to reboot and recharge your immune system while serving as an excellent transition point to reset food habits and unhealth behaviours. The feeling of successfully completing a cold pressed juice detox is a compelling motivator to bringing about sustainable changes to diet. This makes juice cleansing a highly successful health tool for transitioning into new diet and exercise commitments.

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These are some of the most common benefits of juice detoxing that our cleansers experience

  • Cleansing provides a convenient way to increase intake of wholesome vegetables and fruits
  • Restore balance by consuming alkaline forming greens
  • Providing increased immune system and anti-inflammatory support
  • Provide relief and respite for the digestive system
  • Improved skin completion – many of our cleansers finish glowing!
  • Increased mental clarity and reduced stress
  • Reset health habits and reframe attitudes toward diet and exercise
  • Enhanced energy
  • Reduced feeling of bloating, reduced fluid retention and potential weight loss.

A note on weight loss

Loss of weight is a potential outcome of a juice detox as a result of reduced calorie intake. While many cleansers are pleased with this result, weight loss should not be viewed as the main reason for a cleanse!

How does juice cleansing work?

After you do your bit (and buy the juice cleanse that suits your needs), we do the rest of the work and it’s time for you to relax and we mean it! Relaxation and removing distractions and stressors is an important way to allow your body and mind to appreciate the benefits of juice cleansing.

Once we receive your order, we organise our wholesale producer buyer, Dan the Veggie man who will hand select the 13 kilograms of farm fresh, locally sourced produce for use in your juice cleanse. A picture tells 1000 words and If you’ve wondered how many vegetables and fruits are in a cold pressed juice cleanse, here’s your answer. This is the produce used to create one of our 3 day Purify cold pressed juice cleanses.

Cleansing isn’t for everyone.

Although our juice cleanse programs are dietician reviewed, liquid fasting and juice detoxing on raw pressed juices isn’t for everyone.

Pregnant women and those breastfeed along with the elderly and those with weakened immune systems or who are currently being treated for illness should consult a suitably qualified medical practitioner (GP or nutritionist) before commencing.

Our comprehensive FAQ’s provide more advice including who should not juice cleanse– you can read them HERE.

“The 3 day cleanse was the perfect antidote to put a spring back into my step, it was great for both my body and mind and I feel re-energised and ready to go.”
Natasha – Online Marketer and Mum of 2

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