Cold Pressed Juice is the embodiment of fresh juice, and is the superior process in which the juice is extracted from fresh produce. During the process, a tremendous amount of pressure is applied to fruits and vegetables using a pressing action which crushes the produce to extract the highest quality nectar. This pressing action is an extremely slow process which does not heat or oxidise the juice.

In contrast, conventional juicers and the made to order juice offered in most stores is created using a process of ripping and shredding the fresh fruits and vegetables. This creates friction when the cutting blades are in contact with the produce, generating heat and oxidising the produce.

Cold Pressed juice is fresh juice that has been crafted without heat. We believe you can tell the difference with taste and if you live on the Gold Coast, in Brisbane or around Byron Bay, we can deliver great tasting cold pressed juices to your front door.

The health benefits

of Cold Pressed Juicing

Juicing has many health benefits, that can be delivered with daily juices or more intensive cold pressed juice cleanses. The most popular benefit of juicing is the ease and convenience in which you can consume an abundant amount of fresh produce (and the vitamins and nutrients within). Our pressed juices contain over 1.5 kilograms of raw vegetables and fruits bursting with health benefits. For most people with busy lifestyles, it is ordinarily impossible to consume so much produce – juicing makes it easy to get the fruit and veggies we need in a convenient way, where the living juice can be quickly assimilated into your body with less strain on your digestive system.

The best benefits:

  • The most convenient way to consume vegetables and fruits
  • Low calorie, nutrient dense fuel
  • Specially crafted recipes ensure stabilised micro nutrient distribution

Adding to these health benefits of juicing, cold pressed juicing, with the absence of heat throughout the juicing process ensures the living enzymes, nutrients and vitamins bursting within the fresh produce are not compromised in any way. This is where the term “living juice” comes from. Daily Habit juice is 100% raw and unpasteurised, we don’t heat or process our juices to extend the shelf life, we respect everything that fresh produce stands for and as such, our juices are full flavoured and fresh as Mother Nature intended. The best part about our juice cleanses is you are supporting local. We source our produce fresh from local markets, press, and then deliver juices for detox and cleansing from Byron Bay to the Gold Coast and Brisbane!

Would your health benefit from a Juice Cleanse?

These 3 questions clarify if a juice cleanse can be of benefit to you.