One of things we hear most is how good our cold pressed juice tastes! We’ve worked hard and found the optimum balance between great taste and nutritional yield in our cold pressed juices. Learn about the Daily Habit difference by taking the journey below.

Part 1

It all starts here

Our cold pressed juice is nutritionally formulated. We’ve worked with the best and you can taste that in every bottle. We collaborated with pressed juice specialists in the U.S to develop our range and then consulted with local dieticians and nutritionists to perfect our blends. This enabled us to meet our goal of helping with your health goals with every sip. Our juices have undergone extensive nutritional analysis and review and you can read about it here.

Part 2

Local Produce

We use locally grown fruits and vegetables on all occasions. We value local produce and supporting local farmers and their families over everything else. We do not want the carbon karma involved in shipping produce across the country when our local area is blessed with so many amazing growers! 

Part 3

Best in Ground

We celebrate the fruits and vegetables which have been best in ground by choosing to use them and them only in our juices. We don’t use second grade or juicing grade produce in our products. All of our fruits and vegetables are rinsed and washed to a pure state and ready to be cold pressed.

Part 4

Fresh Cold Pressed

Our Pressed Juice is raw, living nectar which has been slowly extracted from fresh produce. Our product is just 100% cold pressed juice and that’s it, there’s nothing added, ever. We don’t cook juices by pasteurising them and we don’t use machines to extend the shelf life of our juices. They are fresh for 3 days – we value Mother Nature too much to mess with her intentions. 

Part 5

A Green Team

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment on all occasions. We use only locally grown produce to limit carbon pollution associated with the transportation of produce. The fibre extracted during our juicing process is donated back community gardens. Our glass bottles are 100% recyclable as are our Juice Boxes. All of our literature is printed on sustainably farmed paper and we will not waste. 

Part 6

Top Quality – it tastes better!

We’re serious about producing premium quality cold pressed juice. Our Juice Lab is HACCP certified which reflects the highest commitment to quality control in our food safety program.