The Journey of your

Daily Habit Juice

We are fascinated by cold pressed juicing and we’re so passionate about the superior transformative process that starts with fruits and vegetables and finishes as bottled brilliance. We wanted to share how our cold pressed juice is made. Here’s an insight into the journey.


Brisbane, Australia

Our produce buyer Dan the Veggie Man is arriving at the Brisbane markets, his truck is empty but it won’t stay that way for long. Our commitment to supporting local starts with Dan, a local wholesale businessman who is tasked with assessing the farm fresh produce on offer and securing the best locally grown produce for juicing. Generally, he’s buying from growers in Byron, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and regional centres in South East Queensland like Stanthorpe. By 11am, that van is full of fresh produce for use in our juice, and with this, the juice journey has begun.


Southern Gold Coast

As Dan unloads the final boxes into our cool rooms, maintaining the cold chain consistency of our product. At this time, our Press Team are finalising orders, determining the produce required to make up all cleanses and retail juices on order and preparing equipment.

12pm Onwards

The Daily Habit Micro Juice Lab

It’s all systems go, the first thing we do is wash and rinse our produce. We religiously follow this process for both organic and traditional produce to ensure it is in a pure state for pressing. This also gives us another opportunity to confirm quality after the first lot of checks Dan has conducted at the markets. 


The pure produce is now ready for pressing, (itself a two part process). Our state of the art hydraulic press first transforms the whole fruits and vegetables into a crushed state. The ground produce is then fed into cold pressed bags which are placed under immense pressure squeezing all living nectar from the produce, where it is captured and immediately refrigerated.


Once all juice has been pressed, our experienced team begin creating superior juice flavours by following our tried and tested nutritionally formulated recipes. Just as no two apples will ever look the same, no two juices using fresh produce without chemical manipulation will ever taste the same. This is why sometimes our juices can look and taste slightly different from batch to batch.  It’s seasonal, very natural, and we think very delicious! Even so, to ensure our consistency is market leading, our juicists sample each flavour, every time for quality assurance. 


Time to put a lid on it

We bottle our juice immediately and use 100% recyclable glass bottles to store our juice ready for you to enjoy. We are incredibly against single use plastic and aside from the environmental benefits, we are convinced fresh juice taste best in glass bottles.


Brisbane, Gold Coast and Byron Bay

Your juices are ready for delivery! That’s a highlight email from our team to all those starting one of our 1 day, 3 day, 5 day, or 6 day cold pressed juice cleanses. We finalise our juice detox programs first and deliver to your front door ready for an early start the next morning. Currently, we do home delivery for our cold pressed juice cleanses and juice packs in Brisbane, Gold Coast and throughout Byron Bay.


Meanwhile back at the Juice Lab

By this time, we are finishing up the creation, bottling and packaging of our retail juices ready for delivery the next morning to all of our Retail Partners. We’re so grateful for their support and so confident that you will enjoy drinking better at breakfast when you visit one of their stores. Check out the full list of local cafes stocking Daily Habit juice below.


The next day

Our drivers are packing the just pressed fresh juice ready for delivery to our retail partner stores for you to enjoy. With that, a day’s juicing is done and another begins! From farm fresh to cold pressed, our locally grown produce takes an incredible journey, albeit a short one. We don’t want the carbon karma that comes with shipping produce from one end of the country to another. Many of our juices travel under 300 kilometres from farm to market, market to press lab and from our lab to your front door.

Get started today

If you liked reading about our juices’ journey then you will love drinking the end result.